FIRST, Click THIS LINK to see the FREE text business opportunity
(YES, that link is an affiliate link although I haven't found out what an affiliate makes from downline representatives!)

If you insert just your email address in the form below the video, you'll be taken to another video...about 12 minutes long...that gives a good example of a video sales presentation that all reps get to load into their cell phone and/or burn to a CD.

There's NO cost for anything to get started selling accounts.

For your information, here's a PDF version of the representative agreement that they operate under. Get it by CLICKING HERE.

Once you've become a rep, I (and BoostContact) have a LOT of great sales tools for you that make it extremely easy to start selling accounts quickly.

My tools are a mixture of what you get from BoostContact and my own selling tools. One technique you'll recognize is my "puppy dog" close...with a good twist!

The tools are a HUGE download. But, here they are:
The entire zip file for all the tools  together is almost 700 mB!
If you want to take a while and download the whole package at once, the link is:

I broke that big package down into 6 smaller packages of 100+ mB each. The links to those packages are as follows:

BoostContact looks, acts like and, in practice is, the real thing. We've discussed text marketing in many different formats and with many different companies over the last couple years on the LBB forum. Every one of the other companies I looked at...and believe me, I looked at a whole BUNCH of them...always had a price or service issue one way or the other. Either for the customers, which made selling accounts almost impossible or for the salesperson which caused high outlays of money to get started.

Some had such bare bones service that we would have been doing customer service all the time or the customers couldn't use texting the way they wanted.

I've been looking around for over 2 years to find a company that offers a low price of entry for the sales people (YOU), good reliable service I wouldn't feel ashamed of selling to business owners and an opportunity for good, recurring income. I've found all three of those important things with BoostContact!

BoostContact will work and DOES consistently!

BUT, like anything else you want to be successful at, you have to work it. I and the BoostContact people are trying to make it as simple and foolproof as we can.

The tools in those downloads  and all the tools BoostContact offers are outstanding.

Take a look at the pay schedule in that agreement download up above. Making 60% of a $250 setup fee ($150) ain't half bad, but when you factor in your first months commision at another 60% of $99 ($59) you come up with $200 commission for every sale the first month and then a RECURRING commission of $20 for every month the customer stays on the service!

You have some latitude with that setup fee BUT if you discount it, you're losing 60% of the discount!

When you figure that you can easily sell 1 of these contracts a day, that $200 alone is worth $1000.00 a week for you PLUS $100 a week in recurring income for just THAT week! And that'll just GROW!

No promises on income but the opportunity to make good money is definitely there.

I invite you to join me. I think that, together, we can show BoostContact how things are done!

Look forward to working with you. Let me know if I can help you in any way.